Our Technology Department works to ensure that students and educators have access to equipment and electronic devices necessary to enrich the educational experience. We are here to serve the needs the teachers, staff, and students at North Delta. Please email or call us with your requests or for technical assistance

BYOD Initiative

This year we are requesting that all tenth through twelfth graders bring their own device (laptop, Netbook, or tablet) use in their instructional and testing processes. 

Ensuring your son or daughter has an adequate device is very important as they transition to higher levels of learning. Before you buy, consider each device’s price, battery life, processing speed (processor plus RAM), and software requirements. Look for these minimum required specifications:

  • Processor: Intel i5 Dual Core, AMD E2/A4 Dual Core
  • RAM: Minimum 4GB
  • Screen: 11” or bigger
  • Battery: Minimum of five (5) hours
  • Operating System: Windows 10 / OS X 10.9 (or better)
  • Hard Drive: 128 GB SSD Recommended (or better)

Please note that while not “required,” a SSD (solid state drive) is less susceptible to failure than an HDD (hard drive disk) device. SSDs handle movement and bumps better and typically have faster processes, compared to more traditional HDD devices. However, they are more expensive.

We also recommend that you invest in a hard case that will protect the student’s laptop while it is in his/her book bag.

Technology Staff

If you have questions or need help with your device or school tech accounts, please contact Teri Bridges.