North Delta Middle School

A special phase of school life begins when North Delta students reach middle school. In grades six through eight, students get their own lockers and begin moving through a seven-period class rotation. 

Each middle school student takes courses in math, English, reading, social studies, and science. Students in eighth grade begin moving into honors (four year college) or regular education (community college) tracks. This decision is made based on student grades, standardized test scores, parental input, and personal goals.

Assessment and Grading

Each nine-week grading period at North Delta reflects student achievement in both the academic and the behavioral arena. We calculate academic grades using the following percentages:

  • A = 90–100%
  • B = 80–89%
  • C = 73–79%
  • D = 70–72%
  • F = below 70% 

Behavioral grades reflect classroom conduct and class preparation and participation according to the following scale:

  • A = Excellent 
  • B = Good 
  • C = Needs Improvement 
  • D = Poor 
  • F = Unsatisfactory

Semester grades are an average of two nine-week grading periods and the semester exam score. Exam scores count as one-fifth (20%) of the semester grade.

At North Delta, we use both formal and informal assessments to track student progress. We know testing is a necessary part of the school experience; however we also understand that no one test can definitively measure student achievement or potential. We strive to schedule major (end of unit/end of quarter) tests according to this schedule:

  • Monday—English
  • Tuesday—Science
  • Wednesday—Social Studies
  • Thursday—Mathematics


North Delta teachers and/or staff offer tutoring services to students who are struggling to make adequate progress in the classroom. We offer these services on-site by teacher referral or parental request and administrator approval. 

All tutoring sessions occur after school hours and according to the terms negotiated directly between parent and tutor. North Delta School does not collect tutoring fees nor mediate contract disputes for tutoring services. Please pay all fees directly to your child’s tutor.